If you don’t love the corporate dressing each and every morning, please i do except that for us here in Owerri, the ladies are sometimes mistaken to be ‘ndi oru Rochas’ (teachers to be precise) by roadside men and women. But nonetheless, what stands out is your charisma and ethics. For me,

at the beginning being a law student was not fun at all. I never even wanted anyone to know me as one but like the Bible verse, you can’t light a lamp and hide it underneath your bed. Here’s a list of things i bet you didn’t know about law students :

1)Bossy outlook but easy going on the inside – yep. The nature of our career has moulded us to be that way. Hey, it’s the corporate dressing and all the serious face thingy. Lol

2) Multi-tasking: Heheee… In our Nigeria of today, if you hope to survive being just a student, I’m not sorry for you. I’m only wishing you luck. People say ‘”na only teeth you law students sabi knack and nothing more”. Did you know that there are bakers, makeup artists, writers, bloggers, actors, photographers, models, etc in the law faculty? Did you know that we practically work round the clock just to make sure our study life and business do not each suffer a mishap? Reading criminal law and law of evidence should not stop you from getting a life elsewhere.

3) I aim not to bore so, this would be my last point. Law students are just fashion slayers and fun lovers. Lol. Couldn’t keep this point out. No matter how hard reading and understanding may seem, just for once, slay and look beautiful. It’s a sure way of cooling off.

I want to remind you that quitting is not even an option. Here’s a place you’d rather be. While you’re here, make the most out of it. Do what you have to do and leave the rest to God.

Let us know your thoughts on this. Your comments matter a lot for a healthier interaction.

OK, bye!


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